Customs Clearance

We provide you with superior customs solution and processing efficiencies under direct  online  customs  clearance  system  in both import and export shipments. As our staff have a good relationship with customs officers, we offer very fast response by speeding up clearance time and reducing you delivery time.

The main areas are including:

  • We are a customs broker for import and export shipment.
  • We provide customs clearance import & export for truck/ sea/ train/ air and post. By paperless process  & procliam appealing legal for release penalties under customs law. 
  • Grouping the OTOP products, preparing documents, and logistics process.
  • We provide shipping documentation and application for import/export permits
  • We provide banking documentation service (such as Letter of Credit)
  • We arrange Marine Insurance
We are specialize one stop service package for bulk cargo discharing /loading.
4.Transit Shipment